Cookie Policy


What is a cookie and what is the use?

A cookie is a small file that a website sends to the browser and saves on the user's computer when visit a website like

Cookies are used to operate the website or to improve performance, but also to provide information to owners of the website.

How many and which types of cookies a website may use and for what purpose?

Navigation cookies

The navigation cookies allow the website to work properly and allow to display content in the user's language and for its market since the first access. They are able to recognize which country the user is connecting, and make sure that, whenever you will visit the website, will be automatically directed to the version of the website for his country.

This type of cookies allows to search an account, to log in and manage the information given by the user.

If the user is already registered, thanks to cookies, the website will be able to recognize him as such when it will access to the services offered to registered users. These cookies are useful for the good functioning of the website.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow the website to recognize the user according to his request, whenever it accesses the website, such as clicking on the button "recognize me every time" - if present - in order to avoid having to re-enter all its data every time he  visits the website.

These cookies are not necessary to the functioning of the website but improve navigation and use.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used for example by Google Analytics to develop statistical analyzes of user traffic patterns on the website, through computers or mobile applications, on the number of visited pages or on the number of clicks made on a page while browsing a website. “MASTROTOTARO SOCIETA' COOPERATIVA AGRICOLA A R.L.” process the results of these analyzes anonymously and solely for analytical purposes only if the service provider uses cookies in connection to the browser installed his computer to other devices used to navigate on our website.

Third-party cookies for marketing / retargeting

These cookies are used by trusted companies that allow the user to display advertising banners on other affiliate websites, showing the latest products looked on the website, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

As the user navigates inside the website, these cookies are used to show the products that might interest him or similar to those that looked at earlier, based on browsing history. The use of these cookies do not normally entail the processing of personal data, but it can allow access to the computer or other devices, and track the data stored: these cookies connect to the browser installed on the computer or to other user’s devices while browsing on the website.

Which cookies uses the website

Of cookies described above, uses only those analytical.

How to disable cookies?

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) are configured to accept the cookies. However, most browsers allow the possibility to control and also to disable cookies through the browser settings. But we remember you that to disable the navigation cookies or functional ones can cause the malfunction of the website and / or limit the service offered.

For more information on handling or disabling third-party cookies we recommend the following website

To disable the analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics to collect navigational data, you can download the browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics. (