Artisans of freshness

Would mechanical picking save time and natural resources to perhaps invest differently?Could Buying from thirds possibly increase production? Certainly, but Mastrototaro Food is not interested .Quality wins over number.Love for nature, farming the land, and cultivation vegetables, all according to the old traditions, defeat the industrial mentality which is tormented by excessive production at any rate. This is the reason why we exclusively hand-pick in order to assure the elimination of foreign bodies.

The full respect of the biological processes of nature, the farming of products and the packaging occurs exclusively “from fresh”, that is to say few hours after the picking, without passing into drums, in order to preserve all the oraganoleptic qualities of the vegetables. Also the farming is without machines , the preserves are homemade, with specific cooking, differentiated depending on the vegetables' calibres and in small doses, in order to be perfect.


Continuous research of deliciousness

Romanticism, you may think, No, it isn't; it is reality. All of this takes place at Mastrototaro Food, Apulia farm company/Industry , specialized in production of oil products, pates and prepared sauces. Modern machinery and advanced technology would consent production for 100 thousand jars per day but for the industry’s precise choice we produce 5 thousand a day.



The vegetables used for all our products are cultivated on the Mastrototaro family's land, in the hearth of Apulia under the hot sun eastern sun and in the clear and pure air.Tomatoes, artichokes, eggplants, peppers, zucchinis, plantedon the nearby land and grown with care and wisdom.

The magnificent gifts of our generous and prosperous land treated with care, love and competence by expert hands, become material for excellent quality of pates preserves, sauces and basic products with the Mastrototaro Food trademark.

The total control of the product distribution chain, deliberately very short, which respects the real nil/zero kilometer,is fundamental in order to ensure/guarantee the excellence of production. “from the producer to the consumer”, motto by now rarer and rarer in the actual market, here it isn't a false slogan but a seriously followed cardinal principle of the company’s philosophy.