Our deliciousness

The skillful work in the fields, the explosion of natural colours, the passion for good food, reliability and expertise are blended together at Mastrototaro Food production. Since the products are cultivated on family lands in full compliance with nature and consumers,they are all farm-to-fork. After the harvest, vegetables are hand processed and packed in jars within 24 hrs to preserve their freshness and organolectic qualities. All based on traditional costumes and recipes, to promote traditional homemade just as once.


Infinite deliciousness and taste

This is how Mastrototaro Foods originate.: aubergines, mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, olives and courgettes blend with real extra vergin olive oil, always personally produced, in order to obtain a unique match between genuineness and goodness.From the same vegetables we obtain our aromatic pâtés, ideal for both tasteful and colorful appetizers as well as fanciful side dishes and modest meals.

Tradition and enhancement of our local typical products also dominate in our ready-serve sauces, that go from simple tomato sauce with basil to such rare products as “Pric o Prac sauce”, an old recipe from the town of Molfetta, based on tomatoes and peppers , lightly spiced,used in old times to warm up on those cold mornings.Or the highlight of our products: lentil and mousse dried tomato, an exquisite delicacy.