Our mission

Love for nature, farming the land, and cultivation vegetables, all according to the old traditions, defeat the industrial mentality which is tormented by excessive production at any rate. This is the reason why we exclusively hand-pick in order to assure the elimination of foreign bodies.

The total control of the product distribution chain, deliberately very short, which respects the real zero kilometer,is fundamental in order to ensure/guarantee the excellence of production. “from the producer to the consumer”, motto by now rarer and rarer in the actual market, here it isn't a false slogan but a seriously followed cardinal principle of the company’s philosophy.


Artisans of freshness

Behind the Mastrototaro Food's delicious and genuine products, much appreciated on the national and international market, there is a family. Authentic people, with a tradition of diligence, sacrifice, cohesion, passion and love for their work. Qualities passed on from generation to generation, as the father Giacomo and the mother Grazia have done, who, since 1956, in addition to producing wooden packaging crates for fruits and vegetables, have managed the company, and passed it on to their sons Mauro, Giulio and Roberto, presently engaged in “Mastrototaro Wood”.

Those sunny lands kissed by the sun, where the air is pure and one can breath the smell of a century-old tradition where we cultivate and pick our product, with care and love, sacrifice and diligence, competence and dedication. We farm our land's gifts based on customs and traditional recipes, aiming at originality and, within 24 hours, we pack the jars, in order to preserve all the vegetables' organoleptic qualities, using original extravergine olive oil, that we produce ourselves.

Our creed has always been to give our best in order to obtain an excellent , genuine and tasty product, in full compliance with nature and consumers.Mastrototaro Food, #lapugliacheproduce